March for Affordable Homes in Cambridge | Nov 14 Demonstration & Petition


Housing Petition

Housing in Cambridge is in crisis. Yet the government is determined to make it worse with the ‘Right-to-buy 2’, meaning Cambridge City Council being forced to sell up to 25% of its council housing. We need action now!

Click to view and download poster.
Click to view and download poster.

We call on the UK Treasury, the Department for Local Government and Communities and the Prime Minister to:

Stop the passage of the Housing Bill and the damage it will do to the City Councils Housing Stock potentially forcing them to sell 25% of all such housing as it becomes vacant, with monies compensating ‘Housing Associations’ sold properties.

Allow Cambridge City Council to borrow against their Council Housing Stock of an estimated £1.4 Billion to build new council housing needed to accommodate those on middle and low incomes.

Sign the petition here

Join us Marching for Affordable and Social Housing in Cambridge

11156138_10153898371918782_4792829483349894534_nWe will be marching from Regents Terrace, Parkers Piece at 11.30am on Saturday the 14th of November to the Guildhall in defence of Council Housing and demanding the council be allowed to borrow against their council housing stock in invest in much needed new Council Housing.

The facebook event is here

Front side leaflet.
Front side leaflet.
Back side of leaflet.
Back side of leaflet.

Supported by: Cambridge City City Council Labour Group.

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