Statement of Solidarity | Cllr Kevin Blencowe

“Cambridge Unite Community Branch as an affiliated Trade Union Branch to Cambridge Constituency Labour Party would like to show to you Cllr Kevin Blencowe our immense gratitude for your 25 years of service to our party and to the people of Petersfield.

Having served as a councillor for Petersfield since 1994 when Labour ran the council first under Simon SedgwickJell, Kevin Southernwood than Ruth Bagnall the first female leader of Cambridge City Council. Then through 14 years of misrule by the LibDems when Labour were in opposition, for your 6 full electoral terms and 2 partial ones we show you as a fellow member of our movement and party our utmost respect and admiration.

You have served diligently on the executive of the City Council since Labour won back control in 2014 and there is no doubt that your commitment and energy helped bring about that election of Labour as a majority party on the council for the first time since since 1999.

The time and energy you have put in to help Cambridge as a city to become a more equal and just community is testament to your pursuit of these socialist values, not just for the residents you have for so long represented but for all the residents of our city. We would like to share with you our solidarity and great thanks to you for all these efforts and achievements. Comrades, one to another.

What is troubling is that your time as a councillor has been cut short not by the fair electoral rejection of the residents who so admire you. On the contrary it is a small minority of those you should be able to call comrades! We hope this unprecedented deselection will not go unchallenged and that you should be able to seek justice against it.”

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