NHS15 Model Motion

Dear Union Rep,

Please see the attached motion I would like to be discussed and passed in the local branch at the earliest available opportunity. Please can you inform me of the details of the next branch meeting and how members can get involved locally?

In Solidarity,

Rhea Solstice


This Branch recognises the enormous contribution made by public sector workers during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Healthcare workers mostly on Agenda for Change terms and conditions have not had a substantial pay rise for over 10 years. With inflation taken into account, many are 20% worse off in real terms now than they were a decade ago. As a result many healthcare workers are struggling to make ends meet and professions such as nursing are suffering problems in recruitment and retention leading to risks to patient safety.

Our current pay deal, due to run until 2021 does not reverse this trend. It awarded the majority of workers only 1.65% in April 2020. During the pandemic, healthcare workers have proven our real worth. We are indispensable to society, yet we are chronically low paid.

We demand:

  • An immediate reopening of pay talks.
  • A 15% pay increase for all NHS staff and those health workers contracted out, as a step towards clawing back our decade of lost wages. 
  • The reinstatement of annual increments. 
  • The pay increase is paid from 1st December 2020 and does not wait until the 1st April 2021. 
  • It must be fully funded by the UK government.
  • This Government acknowledges the race pay gap by having a Person of Colour on all interview panels by 1st December 2020.

This branch agrees to:

  • Give official backing, support and publicity to all local socially distanced protests on the national day of action on 12th September.
  • Start preparing members to ballot for industrial action.
  • Coordinate with other health trade union branches and organise mass on-line meetings to allow members to debate and discuss how to win the pay campaign.

We call on our union to:

  • Begin to organise their members and provide trainings for their members to feel confident to campaign. 
  • Coordinate between healthcare workers unions and with workers fighting for pay rises across the public sector, including calling mass on-line meetings for health worker members. 
  • Engage in campaign of mass action including lobbying, socially distanced protests, mass rallies – socially distanced and on-line and a national petition to build support for the above demands. 
  • Support our outsourced colleagues to be brought back onto Agenda For Change.
  •  Initiate a ballot for industrial action over pay. 
  • Contact the Trade Union Congress and all its affiliates for solidarity and support.

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